“My life is kinda like a story that if I told you about it you probably wouldn’t believe. It would seem like fiction. That’s me”

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This is the story of a man, who conquered life drink in hand, ship unmanned. Marked by genius, channelled good, by some a bit misunderstood. 
They’d been wrong many times before. 

Sometimes our saints are sinners, they blur the lines and lead the way - their way. 
Raise hell and a glass in reverence, the fearless lives of our great saints - our saints. 

Happy Birthday, Jimmy Sullivan | February 9, 1981 –

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Final lines from Avenged Sevenfold’s discography: 2001 - 2013 (inspiration)

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Synyster Gates talking about The Rev

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You have been together for 14 years now. What’s your secret?

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